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to the exciting new world of AROMA&THERAPY by Stephen Cordina, offering you a sensuous line of products and services tailored to your well-being.

Harmony and Balance


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Ylang ylang & Mandarin Candle - Candle Balm

Warm and sensuous

Rose & Citrus Candle - Candle Balm

A heady delight

Citrus & Cinnamon Candle - Candle Balm

Refreshingly Classical

Cordina N.4 Candle - Candle Balm

Poised Elegance

Bath Bombs


Come and explore everything that Stephen Cordina’s AROMA&THERAPY has to offer. No matter what you will discover, be it remedies for your ailments, cosmetics for your beauty, fragrant embellishments for your home or massages for your body, you will leave feeling balanced and soothed, but ready to be exhilarated!